Who Are You?

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You are a rationalist - someone who loves logic, lists, forming connections, and drawing conclusions. Your mind is always full of thoughts, and your friends and family often come to you to mediate an argument or help them with decision-making problems.

You are a realist - someone who doesn't sugarcoat situations and just 'tells it like it is.' You are often outspoken and very frank. Friends and family can rely on you to be completely honest and forthright in your opinions.

You are a humanist. You have a heart of gold, and you always put others first. You are happiest when others are happy and comfortable, and you are understanding, loving, and welcoming to all.

You are an optimist - someone who always sees the bright side of things and gives others the benefit of a doubt. You're truly a glass-half-full type of person. Your family and friends always count on you to cheer them up even on their cloudiest days.