Which Celebrity Aquarius Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

James Dean
The celebrity Aquarius that you're most like is James Dean! You're a rebellious outlier who loves to do things on your own terms. You don't play by the rules and you certainly don't let others tell you who you should be. You're smart, charming, and independent. You have a lot in common with this icon!

Oprah Winfrey
The celebrity Aquarius you're most like is Oprah Winfrey! You're a kind and empathetic person who loves to do things for others. You're conscientious and bright, with an intuition that could rival Freud's. You know what it means to be a good person and stay present in everyday life. You're just like Oprah!

Jennifer Aniston
The celebrity Aquarius that you're most like is Jennifer Aniston! You're a free spirited and warm person who can instantly put others at ease. You have a lighthearted and laid back spirit that brings comfort and joy. Others can't help but feel drawn to your beachy aura!

Paul Newman
The celebrity Aquarius that you're most like is Paul Newman! You're a charming and kind individual who always puts others before yourself. You're highly charitable and warm, with a deep love of helping others. With great looks and an even greater confidence, you can stop anyone dead in their tracks!

Ellen DeGeneres
The celebrity Aquarius that you're most like is Ellen DeGeneres! Much like this beloved talkshow host, you have an amazing sense of humor and a big heart. You can find the joy in the everyday things that life throws your way. The thing that makes you happiest is bringing a smile to other people's faces!