How Much Do You Know About Angels?

Think you're an angelic expert? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about cosmic spirits!

Tags: Knowledge, Faith, Belief, Angel, Religion, History

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Master Angelologist
Your knowledge of angelic lore is extremely comprehensive and very impressive! You have obviously spent a lot of time studying the angelic realms, and your answers prove your level of expertise. Very few people could have scored as highly as you have. Congratulations!

An Expert Angelologist
Your level of knowledge is impressive, and you have obviously studied the angelic realm and the traditions and history surrounding angels from the many religions and esoteric traditions around the world where they appear. You are officially an expert when it comes to knowing your angels. Well done!

A Proficient Angelologist
You have an impressive understanding of the myth and lore surrounding angels and the angelic realms, and you know far more about angels than most people. Good going! But there is still more to learn... Review your answers and maybe you can graduate to become an expert, or even a master angelologist.

A Competent Angelologist
You know more about angels than most people, but you may not have been aware just how many religions and esoteric traditions around the world incorporated angelic lore into their traditions. It's a fascinating subject, and we encourage you to keep learning more. Maybe you'll find an angelic master to help you in your research!

A Beginner Angelologist
There is still a lot that you don't know about angels and their role in religion and tradition around the world, but your score shows that you have made a great start in your study of angelology. At least we know you don't get your angels and angles confused! Congratulations!

A Novice Angelologist
We're sure you are an expert in many things, but you need to keep studying if you want to become an expert on angelic lore. Maybe you should review your answers and then go back and try again. Or perhaps you just got angel and angle mixed up and thought this was a geometry quiz?!