Which Superhero Is Your Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Wonder Woman
You are most like Wonder Woman! You are a strong and intelligent heroine with a slew of amazing super powers. You have an immense sense of adventure and always use your powers for good.

You are most like Superman! Like this iconic hero, you are a true inspiration and marvel. He is honest, loyal, and trustworthy. Superman has a strong sense of justice and seeks to create fairness.

Black Widow
You are most like Black Widow. She is intelligent, resourceful, and well versed in martial arts. She had every opportunity to use her powers for evil, but chose to do good instead. She is full of integrity and strength.

You are most like Batman. You are a tech savvy hero who utilizes new technology to save the day. You thrive in the darkness and keep to the shadows, all while being a strong and imposing hero.

Iron Man
You are most like Iron Man. Your best super power is your intelligence. Though you can sometimes let your ego get in the way of your heroism, you always come through in the end and save the day.