Can We Guess Your Personal Vexation?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your personal vexation is disorganization. You can't stand when things are unorganized, messy, and cluttered. You prefer things to be in their rightful place and orderly. You often get annoyed by people who have no sense of cleanliness, especially if they can help it.

Narrow Minded People
Your personal vexation is narrow minded people. Nothing annoys you quite as much as a person who refuses to see the other side of things. People who are shut off, close minded, and ignorant truly get under your skin.

Your personal vexation is obnoxiousness. You hate people who interrupt, talk over others, and use volume to get what they want. People who are loud and overwhelmingly in your face annoy you to no end.

Your personal vexation is sluggishness. As a driven and ambitious person, you can't stand people who are sluggish and lazy. Couch potatoes and slackers should keep a safe distance from you.

Lack of Humor
Your personal vexation is lack of humor. You like to laugh at all of the big and little things in life, even those events that others might not find funny. You're highly annoyed by humorless people who can't take a joke or see the lightness in a situation.