What Is Your Theme Song?

What you wish your theme song would be? Are you sure you know it? Prepare yourself to be surprised!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Song for dreamers! You can choose your favorite one!
You're are a real dreamer! You dream for peace and everlasting tranquillity for whole humankind without any political or religious constrictions! You accept people as they are, and you're sure that you can win anybody with kindness!

Spiritual song! You can choose your favorite one!
You're a complex creature! In your choices you're always caught between desire and reality and your life is a sacred journey into roots of your existence. Your mysterious and melancholic nature is very sexy and a lot of people seek your company. If they spend more time with you, they can discover how romantic and passionate person you are.

I will survive song! You can choose your favorite one!
You maybe weren't that strong before but you're now and damn! you're really strong! You're becoming and inspiration for others who are lost and looking for this amazing power inside them, you've been there so you're more than happy to help! Last years were a rough ride for you, but thank goodness it's all in the past. Now you're fierce and fearless! Outstanding!

Country song! You can choose your favorite one!
You love for your family and your home town is immense and you miss them greatly when you're not there. Song on the radio, old picture, phone call, will always make you misty. You carry memories of your folks in your heart, they make you keep going, because you know there is a heaven on earth which is called home.

Rebellious song! You can choose your favorite one!
You have a rebellious personality! You always take your path and it's even better if this path means breaking all possible rules! You're bit lost in the world, because for most of people what you're doing or saying doesn't make much sense. You've stopped for looking for sense yourself long time ago, now you're just say to life 'Bring it on, we'll see who will win!'

Party Animal Song! You can choose your favorite one!
You're a real party animal! During the night you travel thorough all clubs with the speed of light! If party is on, you're unstoppable! You feel so powerful, that you could travel to Mars if you could! Turning the world upside down it's not a problem for you!