How Feminist Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Extremely Feminist
You are extremely feminist! You truly believe that women are just as capable, strong, and intelligent as their male counterparts. You fight for equal rights and equal pay.

Immensely Feminist
You are immensely feminist. You know that women are capable and intelligent. You fight for the equality they so rightly deserve. You are not one to let anyone talk down to you or make you feel less than. You are a true champion for the cause.

Unequivocally Feminist
You are unequivocally feminist. Not many women can say that they are as vocally feminist as you. You are a champion for the cause and an incredible voice for women's issues.

Somewhat Feminist
You are somewhat feminist. While we'll never see you leading a feminist rally or protesting, you believe in women's rights and the need for more equality in society. You may not be the most outspoken feminist, but you have just as much heart and passion as your feminist peers.

Feminist Tendencies
You have feminist tendencies. You are very casual in your approach to feminism. You are not one to nit pick small things or to argue, but you will always champion a good cause that you believe in. Feminism is your cause.