Am I A Republican?

If you're into politics, you may be wondering what political party category you fit into. This quiz will help you discover if you're a Republican and to what extent!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Are Very Republican
Your ideals are definitely Republican. Everything you believe in falls under the Republican category. You are very conservative, and it shows in your answers. Keep believing in what you believe is right.

Are A Republican Through And Through
Your answers definitely fall on the Republican side. From social issues to economic problems, you take a conservative, Republican approach. There are a couple of answers that you answered in a more Democrat way, but overall you are certainly Republican!

Have Many Republican Ideals
You're not exactly Republican. You fall more in the middle, but if anything you swing slightly Republican. If you were to label yourself either Democrat or Republican, you fit more into the latter category.

Have Some Ideals That Swing Republican
You're not really Republican. You fall more in the middle and if anything you swing slight more Democrat than Republican. Not that labels matter, but if they did you would fall more into the Democrat category than the Republican one.

Are Not A Republican
You are not a Republican, not in the least. You're a Democrat through and through. Your ideals economically and socially make you an absolute Democrat. There are a few subjects that you are more in the middle for, but you are still definitely not a Republican.

Are The Opposite of a Republican
Wow, you are absolutely the complete opposite of a Republican. There is actually no way you could be less Republican if you tried. Remember to stay true to yourself and keep believing in what you believe!