What Should Be Your Name Based On Your Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You're a very feminine individual who loves things simple and neat. You don't like to make a huge fuss over things and so you try to avoid confrontation when able. You're also very graceful and a bit old-fashioned but it suits you well.

You're a strong-willed person who never wavers on their opinions. You tend to speak your mind and you're not afraid of what others think of you. You're also very passionate and it shows in your ambitious ways.

You're a charismatic individual who has no problem making making friends. You are outgoing and have no trouble talking with anyone around. You have a confidence that many people envy and admire.

You're a free-spirited person who to stay in one place for too long. You're a bold person and you don't like to follow the rules. You always say what's on your mind and you have no issue expressing yourself.

You tend to be a pretty quiet person who likes to keep to themselves. You're not a fan of confrontation and so you tend to more reserved than others. You're a dreamer and you're always thinking of a world beyond our own.