What Would Be Your Job In The 90’s?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Elementary School Teacher
You an individual with a big heart and you want to help people and see them succeed in life. You're a very charismatic person who has no trouble holding people's attention, especially young children. You have great leadership skills and have no issue solving problems that may arise.

TV News Reporter
You're charismatic and bubbly and would have no problem entertaining the people watching you. You love to talk and socialize with new people and you have issue thinking of things right off the spot.

You have a love and passion for animals and will do anything to make sure they are well cared for. You're a caring person and you want to make sure every animal you see will be taken care of. You want to see happy faces and wagging tails.

Nothing seems to fascinate you more than the human mind. You've always found it interesting how it works and you'd love to delve deeper into it's inner workings. You love being in charge and deciding what decisions will affect the outcomes.

You have a love for working with numbers and problems. You're an analytical person who usually looks on the mathematical side of things. You prefer to work by yourself and come up with the solutions to problems around you.