What Would Your Hippie Name Be?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Aspens are trees that usually reside in colder areas of the world and are known for their bright and vibrant colors as the seasons change. They are tall and thin making a walk through a forest of aspens a breeze. This name fits you because you have a vibrant personality that makes room for everyone you meet, even if you may come off as a little cold sometimes.

An echo is the sound that repeats back to you when you shout into a cave and the sound waves bounce off of the walls into every direction. This name fits you because you can be heard by everyone but you know when to be quiet and listen. You can be bouncing off the walls hyper or calm and quiet.

Your name is something that screams toughness. Hunters aren't just people who hunt for animals, they're also the animals who are tough enough to survive through harsh conditions and against stronger enemies. You can get through anything if you put your mind to it and you're too stubborn to quit when it seems hopeless, which makes you a perfect Hunter.

Oceans have strong tides and weak tides, but the variation is what makes everything that happens in it possible. The ocean can be a gentle wave that carries you to shore or a whirlpool that can rip through anything in seconds. Your ability to change your pace and the emotional roller coaster that drives you is why you're the perfect Ocean.

Roses are very beautiful and elegant, easily bruised with a tough shield to keep safe. You always have an outward appearance of being higher than anyone else and you may come off as cold and unapproachable. You may keep people at a distance with your prickly thorns, but once someone gets to know you, they'll realize just how soft you can be.