Can We Guess Your American Accent?

Here are all the results with descriptions

We believe that you have a Southern accent! With a sweet drawl and a country lilt it's clear to us that you hail from the Southern half of the US. Your accent makes you instantly likable and charming. It's difficult for others to refuse your charisma and warmth!

New York City
You have a New York City accent! New Yorkers are known for a lot of things (pizza, hot dogs, the list goes on), but they're also well known for their amazing accents. For example, do you often pronounce 'coffee' as 'cawfeeee?' We thought so. Your accent is simply New York!

Valley Girl
You have a Valley girl accent! Not sure what a Valley girl accent sounds like? Try picturing Cher from "Clueless" or Paris Hilton, two of the most quintessential Valley girl's to ever hit pop culture. Valley girls are known for their use of 'like,' 'totally,' and 'cute.'

You have a minnesotan accent, don't you know? Like a true Minnesotan you speak with an innocent and naive accent that makes you instantly likable. Your accent exudes warmth, charm, and country values. Betcha you already knew that though didn't you?

You have a Western accent! You have a matter of fact western accent. You speak slowly and with long pauses in between your words. While you always come across as very chill and mellow, you definitely have a side to you that is tough as nails!