Which Sound Describes You Best?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The sound that describes you best is birdsong. Light, airy, and beautiful to hear, bird song can brighten even the dreariest of mornings. Much like you, you're voice inspires and comforts those around you. Your soft sweet nature and boundless compassion make you a joy to be around.

Wind Chimes
The sound that best describes you is wind chimes! Much like the delicate touching of wind chimes on a breezy day, you are relaxing and calm. You bring peace to situations of anxiety or distress. Your voice has the ability to sooth and calm all of those around you.

Waves Crashing
The sound that best describes you is waves crashing! At times your life can feel a little stormy. Like a raucous ocean, things can often be up and down. Despite this, you have a strong and formidable quality, much like the mighty ocean.

Church Bells
The sound that best describes you is church bells! Church bells can make just about anyone feel nostalgic for simpler times and a different life. You're an old soul who brings traditional values and charms with you wherever you go.

The sound that best describes you is laughter! Much like laughter, you are light hearted, fun to hear, and totally contagious. People can't help but light up when they see your bright smile and experience your positive and upbeat personality.