How Can A Man Impress You?

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Hold A Conversation
Something that you can't help but appreciate is when a man hold a conversation without needing you to guide the way. It shows the man is interested in you and has plenty of stories to entertain you with. You know that you won't find yourself being bored talking to him.

Having His Own Opinions
You love when a man can make his own opinions and stick to them. It shows he has his own thoughts and doesn't just blindly follow what you say. It means you won't agree on everything so there won't be boredom or lulls in the conversation.

Communicate Well
You want a man that will tell you how he's feeling or what he's thinking without needing you to drag it out of him. You know that a man who communicates well will keep a relationship well. You know that if a man doesn't always say his problems, they just may blow up in his face.

Has A Passion
You want a man that has a passion in life. You want someone who knows what he likes and where he's going in life. A man who has no interest in life and just does nothing with his life is not something that you want.

He's Romantic
You want a man that's romantic and knows how to turn on the charm. You love being surprised with little gifts or words of affirmation. You can't help but fall head over heels for such a romantic and caring man.