What Type Of Man Are You Attracted To?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Creative Type
You're attracted to a man who is in touch with his feelings and can express those emotions in his works of arts. There's a bit of brooding mystery in the artsy types and you are definitely attracted to that. His mind is constantly turning and coming up with new ideas so you'll rarely get bored by his side.

The Social Type
You're attracted to a man who can easily talk with a crowd and win them over. Social butterflies are usually confident in their skin and abilities and you can't help live that confidence. They also tend to be very positive people who will uplift your mood easily.

The Intellectual Type
You're attracted to a man who knows exactly what their talking about when they use big words or speak about intellectual topics. This type of man will always have something interesting to talk about and you're sure to have quite a few deep discussions.

The Nerdy Type
You're attracted to a man that comes off rather shy but sweet at the same time. The nerdy type are very passionate and once you talk about something they love, you'll have them talking for hours.

The Protective Type
You're attracted to a man who you know can protect you from any troubles that may arise in life. While they may come off as rather cold and serious, they're quite sensitive and kind-hearted. The protective type may not say much but he will always listen to you.