What Words Sum You Up As A Mother?

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Kind And Selfless
Your children are your life and there isn't anything you wouldn't do for them. You constantly make sacrifices in order to make sure your children are living the best life possible.

Thoughtful And Loving
From the day your children were born, you've had an unconditional love for them. You let them know that they're incredibly important to your life and you don't know what you'd do without them.

Protective And Sweet
While your children may think that you're too strict, you're just overprotective because you love them. You want to make sure they're safe and so you tend to watch over them carefully.

Understanding And Patient
When your children do something bad, you try to be understanding of their situation. You know that children usually act out for a reason and you want them to know you're there for them.

Encouraging And Compassionate
You want your children to follow their dreams and you're ready to encourage them. You let them know that you'll always be by their side no matter what.