How Much Above Average Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

98% Above Average
You definitely are smarter than the majority of the population. You have a quick wit and you can easily think of an answer to a difficult question within seconds.

78% Above Average
You tend to be smarter than most of the people around you. You're great at problem solving and it doesn't take you long to come up with an answer. You love learning new things and sharing it with others.

60% Above Average
You happen to be above average than most people. You love learning new knowledge and applying it to your everyday life. You always question things before making a decision.

35% Above Average
You happen to be a bit above average and you're proud of that fact. You don't know everything but you're willing to learn as much as you possibly can.

15% Above Average
You're not too much above average but you still are a bit. You're a rather quick thinker but you're sometimes wrong in the knowledge you learn. You know you still have a lot to learn and you're ready.