Which Young-Adult Novel Is Your Life Story?

Is your life an adventure or sweet romance? Find out what young-adult novel would be the story of your life.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

'Anne of Green Gables'
You brighten up the world around you while adding just a dash of rebellion. You're not always what people expect, but you've had an impact on many. Whether you know it or not, you are creating a legacy many will remember for years to come.

You want to change the world, yet you don't really want to lose the status quo. You like things as they are and believe in the good in people, yet when the time comes to step up and make changes, you've got the strength to do so.

'To Kill a Mockingbird'
You recognize injustice and want to help, and someday, when the time is right, you'll fight injustice with words, not weapons.

'The Outsiders'
You are torn between many things in life--namely, who you want to be and who others want you to be. You feel that your life is often in a constant state of internal turmoil and are trying to figure out who you are.

You're different than most but still not exactly sure who you are. However, you'll fight anyone and everyone who gets in your way of achieving your dreams. You have a vast and diverse skill set as well as the confidence and fortitude to use it.

'The Hunger Games'
You're strong, confident, and smart. You welcome a challenge and are ready to fight for what is right, no matter the cost. You believe that the world is in a constant battle of good vs. evil, and you're willing to step up and fight oppression any chance you get. You have no problem speaking your mind.