How Would You Describe Your Work Style?

Just like with different personality types, there are different types of work styles. Do you know what type you are? Find out by answering the questions in this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A Creator
You are someone that uses your imagination in everything you do. It's likely you have a special talent when it comes to music, photography, dancing, or some other form of the arts. You don't work well in a structured environment and would do best as a freelancer.

A Persuader
You are someone that communicates extremely well and can talk anyone into just about anything. You would do really well in a leadership type of role because people listen to you. It wouldn't be a surprise if you ended up in politics at some point in your life.

An Organizer
A structured work environment with clear rules and policies is where you do the best work. You like things clearly outlined with deadlines, so you know exactly what you're supposed to be doing and when. You fit best with a 9-5 traditional type profession like office work.

A Problem-Solver
As someone that is constantly trying to analyze something, your work style is best described as a problem solver. You want to find the solution, no matter how long it takes. You are good at strategizing and are probably very disciplined. You would rather work in the background instead of out in the front where people can see you.

A Helper
Social work, teaching, and healthcare are great jobs for your work style as a helper. You thrive on doing things for others and do very well within a team. You would much rather be out working with people than sitting behind a desk.

A Doer
Your work style is getting it done. You don't hesitate to take on a new project, and you learn the best by physically doing in things rather than being told what to do. Your self-motivation is outstanding, but you aren't the best with planning and communication.