Are You A Good Father?

Wondering if you're a good father? Take this quiz and find out!

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Are You A Good Father?

1. Do you spend time with your child/children every afternoon or evening after work?

Yes No

2. Do you go on family adventures on the weekends?

Yes Most weekends, sure No

3. Do you rely on your partner, if you have one, to do most of the parenting?

No Yes

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Great Father!
You are the best father anyone could have. Your children are very fortunate. You know how to make time for them, balance priorities, and give them things they want and need without spoiling them. You know how to ingrain values without being overbearing. And you know what? You're loved for it.

A Good Father!
You are a good father--good but not great. Although you are there for your kids and certainly show your love, you often forget to make quality time for family. Sometimes work runs a little late. Other times, you just want some alone time. It's all normal, but don't forget those movie nights or board-game evenings!

In Need of Some Work
You lack in some areas. Although you have the best of intentions, as portrayed by the fact that you took this quiz, you don't spend enough time with family. More so, when they need something, you often forget or put your own needs first. Maybe spend some time listing things you could change moving forward.