How Well Do You Know The NFL?

Do you like football? Are you a fan or an expert? Test your NFL knowledge here with this fun quiz!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Are Not Very Knowledgeable
Let us guess, you don't like football, right? If not, we highly recommend watching it. You're going to love it!

Are Somewhat Knowledgeable
You know just a little bit about the NFL, but let's be honest, you never really actually got into it, did you? That's okay. We highly recommend watching it. You will love it!

Have Good Knowledge
You never obsessed over football, exactly, but you obviously have watched it and remember quite a bit. We'd say you're about a 50 percent fan of the NFL. Sound about right?

Have Great Knowledge
You've obviously enjoyed watching the NFL. You remember a lot about games, coaches, and players, and can proudly consider yourself an NFL trivia expert. Excellent job and congratulations.

Have Expert Knowledge
Congratulations, you nailed it. Not only have you loved the NFL but you remembered everything. Are you a former football player?