Could You Survive An Oregon Winter?

Find out if you have what it takes to survive the unpredictable winters of the Pacific Northwest!

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The Ultimate Oregon Winter Survivor!
You're ready for all that an Oregon winter could throw at you, from icy city streets to frozen forest trails!

Ready to Survive a Portland Winter!
You have what it takes to survive a dark and frigid winter in Portland! Get ready for slick sidewalks and SAD lamps!

Not Cut Out for an Oregon Winter
You're not quite ready for a cold Oregon winter! You may value the sunshine too much, or you might not know the basics of winter survival. Either way, you'd better stay somewhere warm this winter!

A Cascade Mountain Winter Survivor!
You're ready to brave a winter in the Cascade Mountains! You have the know-how and wherewithal to withstand freezing temps and to keep a level head when things don't go exactly according to plan (an average winter day up in the Cascades)!