Which Small City In Spain Should You Visit?

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Hola! Soria is renowned for her medieval streets and Romanesque architecture and it's located in North-Central Spain. Here in The Museo Numantino you can find painted ceramics, artefacts from ancient cemeteries and even the bones of species of elephant that has already extinct! Interesting right? Amazing church of Santo Domingo was built in 12th century and if you're feeling fit you can walk along the 'Muralla' -- ancient walls of first city of Soria, and enjoy breathtaking views.

You can find Teruel in the eastern Spain in majestic mountains of Aragon! It's located quite high in the mountains and architecture here represent interesting style which is 'Mudejar'. 'Mudejar' is a style which combines Gothic and Islamic elements. One of the best examples is the Santa Maria de Mediavilla Cathedral, which was built in 12th century!

Galicia is a very special place in Spain, it's very green and don't even bother to ask about flamenco places here. Music of gallegos is very distinctive from rest of Spain and it's more similar to Irish tunes. They also have their own language here and it sounds very much as Portuguese! Combarro is a cute coastal city situated at the Ria de Pontevedra. You can find here family restaurants serving 'pulpo a la gallega'(octopus) and fresh fishes straight form the ocean! Delicious! Have a walk through her narrow streets and maybe you'll find one of the 'horreos' traditional stone granaries.

If you're religious person this is a perfect place for you, because it's celebrating life of Saint Theresa from Avila. If you're interested in monuments and history this town has a lot to offer too. For example it has an intact medieval city walls with 9 gates and awesome semicircular towers --The Arch of El Alcazar is one of the most known. If you want to feel like in a medieval movie you can go for a walk along during the night along the city walls, which are beautifully illuminated.

Arcos de la Frontera, Cadiz
Arcos de la Frontera is situated high in the mountains and you can see its majestic Cathedral and white houses form far far away! The view is spectacular as is the city. Arcos has a rich history of uncountable battles between Christians and Muslims in XIII and XV century. This city is also really loved by artists. They were coming here thorough centuries, finding this place incredibly inspiring!

It's a mountain town with a very specific type of building which they called 'casas colgadas'- hanging houses. Just check it on google, they are amazing! If you like history here you can find also rest of the majestic medieval castle! Cuenca is on Unesco list and it's weekend gateway for 'los madrilenos' (people from Madrid:)).