What is Your Dream Career?

There is the career you have, and then there is the career you truly want, the one you dream of when another pile of papers lands on your desk or another customer gets in your face. We know what you should be doing with your life.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Candy Tester
Can you be a professional kid? If it that is even possible, you will be it. You have no interest in adulting or joining the rat race. Good for you. Hold onto to your youth and creativity as long as you can, and keep working toward your goal. You may find that the world needs people like you who remember that life is full of small pleasures.

Social Media Influencer a.k.a Free Stuff Collector
You have a lot of opinions and you like free stuff. You want to share those opinions with the world and keep the free stuff. Moreover, you are the kind of visionary who sees trends before they happen, and you know that you could give a forum to a fledgling business by helping it put its products or services in front of the right people. Also, free stuff!

You understand that most of the things people take seriously are downright absurd. You have a unique point of view and you know that humor is the way you topple people who are just too big for their britches. Nothing is sacred to you, and nothing escapes your sharp attention. In a world where everything is serious, who will remind us that much of life is just silly? You will.

Mad Scientist
You are far too curious, innovative, and intelligent to work a regular job. In fact, you probably hate cubicles and open offices even more. Your bosses find your frustrating, and you find them frustrating. It may be best for you to strike out on your own and be your own boss. You do not want to follow in anyone elses footsteps: you are on Earth to create something all your own, and no one can stop your rise to the top, not the police, or the FBI, or the laws of nature...

Tropical Beach Hammock and Cocktail Inspector
Not everyone has a dream career. Some people just want to chill, and that is you. While you are not necessarily ambitious or competitive, you are kind and comforting to others. You want the people around you to have a good time and to feel welcome. You also understand that life is not all about work, but about enjoying your time on Earth and doing things that are right for you, and not doing things simply because others tell you to do them.

Super Celebrity
More than anything, you want to be admired. You want to be a trendsetter and have others hold you up as a role model. You dream of being applauded simply for showing up, but also for using your unique point of view to influence the world. You do want to be famous, and the idea of that excites you. You may not be sure why you should be famous yet, but that has not stopped anyone before, right?