How Well do You Know Student Slang?

Do you know what the kids are saying these days? Or are you a kid and you wonder if you're hearing your friends right? Is your vocab fluent with finesse? Find out with this turnt quiz!

Tags: Knowledge, Student, Slang, School, University

Here are all the results with descriptions

Have no knowledge of student slang
Have you been under a rock? Surely you know more student slang than this! Oh, sorry - maybe you've just aged out of the realm of student slang. Well, the students will be hitting the workforce soon so learn some of these words and phrases!

Have some knowledge of student slang
You must be a teacher or a parent or you know a few students. Maybe you've been watching a lot of internet videos. You did, after all, get a few of these right. Catch up with some students and learn more!

Have a fair knowledge of student slang
You're up on the vernacular but you don't use it enough yourself to be fully aware of all of it. That's cool - dance to the beat of your own drum. Because, really, some of these words and phrases will go out as fast as they came in.

Are the GOAT
You aren't a total expert, but you hit pretty close. You are on fleek with your student vocab so you must be one. Either that or you are the flyest adult ever. You deserve some respek for how well you did on this quiz!

High key the BEST
You aced this quiz. You know all there is to know about student slang. It's all you FTW. So now, go find all of the people you know that failed this quiz and finesse their speak. Because really, they should know what's up.