What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

A fun quiz that will help reveal the meaning of your dreams. Think about the last thing you dreamt about. You might not dream often, but this quiz will tell you what your dreams mean.

Here are all the results with descriptions

you hate your job
Your dream is telling you that you don't enjoy your job. You dread going each day. You even dislike riding past it. You have dreamt of several better jobs or even dreamt of sleeping past your alarm time to get up for work.

you don't trust your mate
You are at a place in life where you aren't confident in your relationship. You have had dreams of your mate cheating or flirting or just doing something behind your back in general that they wouldn't ever do in front of you. Trust your gut.

you would be happier in a different city
Your dreams have revealed that you should consider the move that you have contemplated for so long. You have reviewed and revisited several cities for quite some time now. Usually when you have dreams, you don't recognize the locations.

you wish you had more friends that liked being adventurous
You aren't necessarily a loner, so your dreams reveal that you wish you had friends to do things out of the norm with. You have had dreams of going on road trips alone because your current friends are awesome, but they don't ever follow through on road trip plans.

you are scared of particular animals
There's a certain animal that you can't stand, (but you attempt to be brave), that always appears in your dreams. You have even had a dreamt you weren't sleep and this particular animal was in your bedroom. You have a habit of watching movies often and they usually always have these animals in them.

you're going to win the lottery
Your dreams mean that you should keep playing those pick 3 and pick 4 numbers, as well as, the powerball because soon your dream car won't be in your dreams, you will be able to buy it outright along with a new house.