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If you're looking for a sparkly, cuddly, or supercool unicorn name you've come to the right place. Use our unicorn name generator to find a super awesome unicorn name!

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Glitterbuns Sparklepouf
You're supposed to be introverted and stay in the forest. At least that's what the elders say. But no, you're a diva and there is nowhere else for you to shine your light than on the shore of a tropical beach. Don't forget your shades - the twinkle in your eye when the sun hits it just might blind someone!

You are one sassy unicorn! The best part, though, is that a person has to be really smart to understand your sass. It goes over most people's heads. But, you are good-natured despite all of that sass so most people think that 'Flicker' refers to the flick of your rail and the clip of your gait.

Sparky Sizzletail
You are the life of any unicorn party. You are down to earth yet you have a great ability to make others laugh and have a good time. You're always up for an adventure or a laugh or to just have fun. You're the spark in every unicorn's best day!

You are a magical unicorn (more magical than most) with great power and you garner great respect in every woodland from here to Fantasia. You are known to be pure of heart, strong in your convictions, and fair in your judgements.

You are one of the most beloved unicorns in your blessing (herd). Every animal and magical creature of the forest loves you for your sweetness, kindness, and fairness. They all come to you for comfort, guidance, and friendship.

Tizzy Twinklehoof
You are one bewildered and bedazzled unicorn! Word in the forest is that you ate a magical apple that was meant for a fairy princess and it scrambled your brains. That's okay! You can see HUMANS! The creatures, fairies, and elves say you must be crazy because there isn't any such thing as humans, but you know better . . .