What Kind Of Phone Do I Have?

This quiz asks you to answer questions about yourself and then determines what kind of phone you have. Does your phone reflect your lifestyle? Take this quiz to find out.

Tags: Living, Personality, Technology

Here are all the results with descriptions

Just you your iPhone you are always right on trend. There's a reason after all that iPhones are so popular and that's because they're so great just like you. Continue to be the reliable, loyal person that you are!

You're still always in the know, but you've got a little flavor to you. You do things that aren't always suspected. Going against the grain and being your own unique person is a great quality. Continue to be awesome!

The Blackberry was one of the first it phones. Everyone knows how cool and practical they are, which happens to describe you. If you're a serious business person who loves their work is incredibly driven, so keep it up!

The landline is the classic phone. Everyone had one growing up and you have kept the tradition going into adulthood. Same as your landline you are a very traditional and classical person who appreciates the little things.

You are super hardy just as a Nokia phone is. You are stubborn and strong and won't let anything get in your way. Also let's not forget that Nokias live on forever and no one ever forgets about them.

You are a bit edgy just as a Razr phone is. You are free spirited and like to do whatever your mind happens to decide each day. Who needs a smart phone after all when your occupied by actually living your life!