What Kind Of Tattoo Should You Get?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Inspirational Verse
You are a strong and courageous individual. You are determined to also strengthen others, and with an inspirational quote or verse as a tattoo, you'll never forget your own strength and be able to give strength to others too.

Tiny Tattoo
You are a very professionally-minded, goal-oriented person with a touch of playfulness. A tiny tattoo would allow you to express your creativity, while still remaining your ambitious, competitive self on the job market.

Colorful Geometric Patterns
You are spunky, artsy, and unique. You dare to be different, and a colorful, funky, geometric patterns and tattoo is the perfect kind for you.

Flowers & Plants
You are delicate and girly, and you enjoy pretty things in life. You'd be happiest with a flower or plant tattoo that matches your spirit and desires to continue growing into a stronger, better person.

Matching Tattoo
You are a person who cares deeply about others. A true romantic at heart, the most meaningful type of tattoo for you would be one that's a pair. Whether you match your significant other, a parent, a sibling, or your best friend, you'll cherish this type of tattoo for as long as you live.