Which Side of Your Brain Is Most Dominant?

Take our quiz and find out which side of your brain is dominant!


Here are all the results with descriptions

You are very logical, with the ability to see the bigger picture for most situations you encounter, but at the same time you are very good with the small details. You always do your best job and never cut corners or leave something out.

You are extremely creative with an active imagination. You love art, music, books, and everything whimsical. You are a big time daydreamer, but your thoughts aren't frivolous at all, you scheme big-picture plans that improve the world.

You are equal parts analytical and imaginative. You rely on intuition when it strikes you, or logic when a situation calls for it. You are not strictly into any one subject, rather you love it all: language, math, music, art, and philosophy all captivate you.

75% Left, 25% Right
You are a whiz at math, trivia, and languages, but you also have a prodigious talent for arts, music, and creative writing. You have the rare ability to be extremely analytical and empathetic at the same time.

75% Right, 25% Left
Most of the time you express yourself creatively, but there is a strong portion of your personality that is dedicated to computing, analysis, and logic. You find beauty in the natural order of the world as well as the creative pursuits of your fellow humans.

A Wild Card
You are unclassifiable. Just when it seems you can be figured out by your decision-making process or set of interests, you throw a wrench in the analysis! You have the benefit of keeping everyone on their toes even though it makes things rocky at least things are never boring.