How Evil Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

49% Evil
You are a very social person. You love flirting, teasing, and joking around - most of the time good-naturedly, of course! You love seizing the day and making the most out of life. However, this means being dishonest, sneaky, and having ulterior motives! You're about half good and half evil!

31% Evil
You are, in general, a very good person. However, you are also very driven and ambitious. You know what you want and you'll stop at almost nothing to get it - even if that means crossing the line into the Dark Side now and then!

12% Evil
You are, in general, a very good person! You're happy, relaxed, laid back, and calm. However, you are very passionate about your loved ones, and if anyone messes with them, you are bound to develop a bit of an evil streak! Who can blame you, right?

3% Evil
You have virtually no trace of evil in you. You are a very selfless, kind-hearted person. You enjoy taking care of others, and you feel rewarded when you're able to help your fellow man. You may have a selfish thought run though your head now and then, but you quickly dampen it because that's just not who you are!