What Is Your Style of Seduction?

Ever wondered what your style of seduction is?

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The Charmer
Hiding behind a cool, calm, pleasant demeanor, you are a master of manipulation. You charm others by making them feel important, and focusing all the attention on them. Once you have them in the palm of your hand, you make them dependent on you by becoming someone they resort to in moments of need.

The Coquette
Imagine Don Draper from Mad Men. You are a master of the chase, the push and the pull. You give yourself, seemingly all of you, and then pull away, becoming something of an unattainable conquest. You are cold and distant, pulling away from others just when they are starting to get too used to you being there. You hate commitment, but you love yourself. A narcissist, others love you, strangely enough.

The Charismatic
Confidence, the contentment that most people lack, the sex appeal...you have it all. Your sense of purpose is what people notice first about you, the way it reflects in your walk, talk, mannerisms, and style. You're put together, and you come off as superior to all the other potential partners. If a man, or woman, were to be talking to 3 other people, and suddenly you came along, they'd start ignoring all of them, just to focus on you more.

The Natural
You know how the older people get, the stuffier they become? You're the opposite. While 100% adult, responsible and efficient, reliable and smart, you still retain a little of that youthful laid-back vibe. You don't put on airs, and you're not pretentious. You know how to joke around, and come off as a little innocent, although not overbearingly so.

The Ideal/Fantasy Lover
You are the best lover anyone could have, because you are the perfect catch. While you might have the right characteristics, such as great hair, a bubbly personality, a sense of seriousness when it comes to handling issues, etc. the real reason you're a catch is because you have the ability to tap into a person's inner desires, and making them come to life, all while being yourself.