What Is Your Lucky Song?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Single Ladies
This upbeat and infectious song will be your lucky song! You may or not be a fan of this uplifting song but just know that when it starts to play, you'll experience some great luck.

Somebody To Love
This classic and swooning song is none other than your lucky song. You can experience great amounts of luck as Freddie Mercury's amazing voice rings in your ear.

I Say A Little Prayer
What would be a better lucky song for you than this amazing piece? It's a well-crafted and harmonious song which you'll surely listen to again and again.

American Pie
Your lucky song is none other than this catchy classic song. This song is one that will surely get stuck and you'll find yourself singing it again and again.

This haunting song by John Lennon is none other than your lucky song. It's q song that makes you think and wonder about life. As soon as it plays, you'll surely feel lucky.