Which U.S. State Will You Live In During Your Next Life?

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While many may think of big cities as soon as they're hear about Michigan, it has a whole lot more to offer you. This is a beautiful state filled with tons of forests and lakes surrounding it. It's a perfect place to spend those late summer nights.

New York
New York is the state for you in your next life. There's plenty to do in this state that you could never be bored. It's a great place to live if you're a busy and fast-paced individual. If you're not though, there are plenty of inviting suburbs surrounding the state.

Nowhere would be better for you in your next life than living in this carefree state. It's a diverse state with tons of friendly and open-minded people. There's beautiful weather for you to enjoy and ton of activities to enjoy.

This southern state is just calling your name. Whether you choose to live in the city or the middle of nowhere, you'll be surrounded by good people and great food. It's an amazing state with plenty to offer you.

There's not many states as breathtaking as this one. From the Grand Canyon to beautiful waterfalls, you'll never get sick of the scenery around you. It's also a rather warm state so you never have to go inside and miss the scenery.