What’s Your Driving Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Know-It-All
It feels like you're the only one on the road with any common sense most of the time. You feel as though others don't know how to drive unlike you.

The Competitive
You need to get ahead of everyone on the road and you're not afraid to drive a bit faster just to be first. You can usually be found accelerating just to get cut someone off.

The Rationalizer
Whenever you get angry on the road, you always try justifying it to yourself. You know what you're doing, it's everyone else that is clueless.

The Calm One
You rarely get frustrated when you're on the road. You know there is no point in getting upset over things you probably can't control.

The Avoider
You try to avoid any and all road rage on the streets. You don't think it's worth getting angry at others in case their is drastic consequences. You usually just mumble under your breath when someone bothers you.