Just How Liberal Or Conservative Are You?

You know your political point of view, but just how liberal or conservative are you?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Extremely Liberal
You are a very solid liberal. You believe in social welfare and equality. You believe that large corporations should be regulated by the government. You also don't believe that religion has a place in policy making and that people can make moral and just decisions without the belief in God. You do not see the need for growing and strengthening our military. You feel we all have a responsibility to help the less fortunate and that the government needs to help ensure that all people have their basic needs met. When it comes to marriage and family, you believe that they should be enjoyed by everyone!

Mostly Liberal
You believe in social welfare and equality. You side with the liberal agenda in most arguments and tend to vote that way. You can see the conservative point of view but have a hard time fully buying in to most of their arguments.

Somewhat Liberal
You believe in equal rights for everyone. You tend to lean toward the left in areas of policy and government, but you do believe that people should play a strong role in fending for themselves, and you are open to arguments from your right-wing friends.

Somewhat Conservative
You are somewhat conservative when it comes to your beliefs and values. You tend to lean toward the right when it comes to social, military, and business issues, but you do agree with your more liberal friends in some areas and have room in your beliefs to listen to both sides of the argument.

Mostly Conservative
You tend to feel that people have a responsibility to work hard and fend for themselves. You lean toward the right when it comes to issues of government. While there are times you hear your left-wing friends make a solid argument, you still have a hard time agreeing with them. You can concede on occasion to a more liberal point of view, but that doesn't happen often.

Extremely Conservative
You are strongly conservative. You tend to believe that our government should not be fully responsible for the welfare of our country's poor and that our military is our strongest weapon in keeping us safe. You feel that large corporations have the right to make as much profit and secure as much of a marketplace as their ingenuity and hard work will let them. You hold religion in high esteem and feel that family values are the core of our country's greatness.