Which Badass Female Movie Character Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Sarah Connor
You are Sarah Connor! Played by the amazing Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2, Sarah Connor managed to save mankind all while maintaining her role as a mother. She fights robotic hoards, averts a near apocalypse, and raises her son John. Pretty rad!

Ellen Ripley
You are Ellen Ripley. Played by the awesome Sigourney Weaver in Alien, Ellen combines bravery, intelligence, strength, and femininity. Even as a badass alien slayer, Ellen proves you can be a strong independent woman, all while maintaining your feminine charms.

Princess Leia
You are Princess Leia! As played by the always amazing Carrie Fisher, Leia is the ultimate cinema badass. Not only does she successfully save the Death Star plans from Darth Vader, but she slays Jabba the Hut, and may have the best skills in the entire franchise.

The Bride
You are The Bride! As played by Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill franchise, The Bride doesn't take any grief from anyone. As a strong, talented, and motivated woman, The Bride is one of the most badass women in cinema history.

You are Trinity from The Matrix! As played by the steely and electrifying Carrie Ann- Moss, Trinity is a computer programmer and a hacker. Trinity is intelligent, quick witted, and can easily out tech any man in the Matrix franchise.