What Makes You Happy?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Laughing With My Best Friends
Laughing with your best friends makes you happy. Nothing gives you more joy, than the ab busting laughter that occurs when you are being silly with your friends. Not only do you feel totally fulfilled, but you can't help but feel insane gratitude for the people you have chosen to surround yourself with.

Cooking A Delicious Meal
Cooking a delicious meal makes you happy. Nothing gives you more satisfaction than cooking a delicious meal for your friends and family. You love the feeling of seeing others devour and savor something you made out of love.

Having A Baby
Having a baby makes you happy. Having a baby makes the whole world seem more innocent and peaceful. The unbridled joy that seeing the smile of a little one can bring is truly incomparable. You love your baby's laughter, smile, curiosity, and smell. Nothing makes you happier.

Spending The Day With Significant Other
Spending the day with your significant other makes you happy. Nothing brings you more joy and happiness than spending the day with the love of your life. You truly feel as if you can be yourself, never having to worry about saying or doing the wrong thing. All you feel is love and pure happiness.

Cuddling With My Pets
Cuddling with your pets makes you happy. Nothing makes you quite as happy as curling up on the couch with your four legged friends and settling in for a good cuddle session. You love the pure love that you have for your animals and that your animals have for you.