What Should’ve Been Your College Major?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You love reading the masters and hold a strong belief that fiction serves as a simulator for life issues. You long for long evenings by the fire spent in the company of a dusty tome. Your college major should have been literature.

Architecture and Design
You are creative and long to surround yourself in a space that is designed well. You have the ability to design skyscrapers and to find the perfect accessories that can make any room feel cozy. Your college major should've been Architecture and Design.

Political Science
You have a knack for solving problems. You are diplomatic and lead where others only follow. You have stars in your eyes and truly believe that you can make a difference. Washington needs you. You should've majored in Political Science.

You have a knack for numbers and manage to grow your investments. Your money-mindedness could be a great help to a corporation or individuals who want to grow their net-worth. Your college major should have been finance.

World Languages
You have an ear for languages and long to experience exotic cultures. You would rather see something new and exciting than a long-held favorite. You're not afraid of leaving your comfort zone. You love meeting new people and sharing ideas and beliefs. Your college major should have been World Languages.