What's Your Hipster Style?

If half the point of being a hipster is to be unique, there can't be only one style. Pinpoint yours with this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You either think you're ironic OR you think you're country, but in reality, you're neither--you're a hipster in boots.

That bow tie and glasses combo is working for you, Poindexter.

Hippie Hipster
You love that '60/'70s vibe, and it probably shows in the macrame banana holder hanging from your apartment ceiling.

You probably don't even know that you're anywhere close to being a hipster. Your fridge contents, playlist, and eco-friendly car say otherwise.

Totally Ironic
You are the hipster that tries. You know what you are, but that doesn't stop you from loving the comic genius of your wardrobe.

Not postmodernism--only in a sense. You are putting a new spin on every hipster that came before you: hepcats, beatniks, hippies, punks, new wavers, goths, alternakids, etc. You're one of the few hipsters who know that before quinoa there was couscous and before that came wheat germ.