What Would You Be In A Fantasy World?

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Mermaid
In a fantasy world, you would surely be a mermaid! At your very core, you feel united with nature and the natural world, often feeling over stimulated when outside. You are highly empathetic, with the ability to feel what others are feeling and to perceive their sadness or joy in a new way. Water is a healing element to you, which is why you like to be near it whenever possible.

A Nymph
In a fantasy world, you would be a nymph! You are regarded as a divine spirit who feels animated and alive when in nature. You are beautiful and innocent, with a love of singing and dancing. You truly feel free and unrestricted when you are in the natural world. Others are drawn to your amorous nature and charms.

A Dragon
In a fantasy world, you would be a dragon! You're a passionate individual who knows what she wants and how to get it. With fiery personality and a bold confidence, you can take on any task so long as it's something that you want to do. Others are drawn to your charisma, ambition, and intelligence.

A Spell Caster
In a fantasy world, you would be a spell caster! You are a highly spiritual and superstitious individual who finds meaning and symbolism in just about everything. You're highly sensitive to the emotions of others and tend to feel overwhelmed in situations with many people. As a spell caster, you would use your emotions to conjure up magic!

A Unicorn
In a fantasy world, you would be a unicorn! There has never been and there will never be anyone who even comes close to who you are. You're creative, unique, and eccentric, often feeling like an outsider in social situations or while at a party. Truth be told, your personality is so unique it's almost magical. If other's can't always see that, they're missing out!