Where Should I Travel?

A fun quiz that will suggest fun places for you to travel to. Don't take too long concentrating on answering questions because you will be thrilled no matter what answer you get. :-)

Tags: Travel, Tour, Journey, Destination, Trip

Here are all the results with descriptions

Tropical islands
You have always wanted to go to a tropical island now this is your chance and I don't think you are going to pass it up. This has been a long time in the making for you, you have been planning it for a while. You plan to go and have a great time.

Snow covered mountains
You have always wanted to go stay in a cabin in the mountains in the dead of winter. You have always talked about how beautiful you thing it would be. Not to mention you love to ski and snowboard so that is like an added bonus.

Ancestors home
You worked on an family tree project not that long, and every since then you have been wanting to know more and more about your roots. You have basically found the location that your family originated from and you are thinking about visiting.

Nations capitol
You love the history that surrounds the nations capitol but you have never been. You know all the interesting details, fun facts, and secrets about the monuments. But you have never seen any of it in person.

Another country
You are not sure where you want to go, but you do know that you have your passport and wherever you go you will get to use it. You have been all around your country now you think it is time to go visit someone else's.

Rain forest
Most people don't think of a tropical rain forest as a travel destination, but you are not most people. You have been in love with nature for as long as you can remember and the rain forest sits at the top of your nature totem pole.