Robot Name Generator

Robots are cooler than people. Facts. If you want to know what your robot name would be had you been built with gizmos and gadgets instead of organs and blood take this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Solar Enforcer Cyborg
You're an intergalactic robot. Your job is to travel the galaxy and enforce the intergalactic laws set forth. Your job is very important, and your ray gun really helps get the job done. Not to mention your video capabilities which help you broadcast your findings to different councils on each planet!

Bionic Tin Proto
You are a prototype. Your job is to help humans clean up the streets. You literally have to pick up trash (Those dang humans, I'll tell ya! ). Unfortunately, you are not very good at your job as you continuously keep mistaking the humans for garbage.

Humanoid War Android
You are a war robot. It is your job to protect the earth and fight the space armies. You've been given the ability to feel like a human as much as that is possible. Keep fighting the good fight; humankind is depending on you!

Machtron Protection Juggernaut
Your job as a robot is to protect the president. Your only thought is protection. You have a crazy cool expanding shield and also a ray gun which helps you fulfill your duty. Without you, the President would be vulnerable to all threats!

Norbit Interplanetary Exploration Entity
Your robot mission is to explore the planets, close and far. The humans are looking for both friends and foes. They would love to expand their knowledge further but are also wary of what threats they might find.

Compact Partner Bot
You are a human helper robot. You're so cute in your smallest size you fit in the palm of a human hand. Your capabilities include, but are not limited to, vacuuming, cooking, dusting, washing dishes, and taking out the trash.