Mythical Animals

Animals are fun, but sometimes mythical creatures are even more fun! Take this quiz and answer the following questions truthfully and figure out what you mythical creature spirit animal is. Remember to have fun and share your results with friends!

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are unique and always the star of every show. You love attention and rightfully so. With looks and charm like yours, people are always falling at your feet. Remember to stay grounded and the world will be in the palm of your hand!

You are beautiful and confident. Odds are your long luscious locks are your best feature (aside from your tail)! Aside from your outside beauty you are also a ray of light to those around you. Keep doing you!

You are very strong and athletic. You also love to travel. When it comes to life you are a free spirit in general and cannot stand to be tied down. Keep using your strength and persevering through life!

You are a horse, but better because you can fly. You bring a regal energy to all that you do. Loyal and kind you are the best friend that everyone wants in their life so keep doing you and keeping it real!

You are especially powerful and majestic. The combination of a lion and an eagle makes you one unique, strong person. You can pretty much adapt to anything and you are rich both in personality and friendships.

You are a bit of a paradox. You are both a wild free spirit and a restrained personality. Both sides of your personality mirror that of the centaur and no one really knows what they'll ever get from you, but that's what makes you so incredibly unique and fun.