What Aesthetic Fits Your Personality?

This quiz will help you find the aesthetic that fits your personality. Take this quiz now and find out which one suits you! Please enjoy this quiz, and tell your friends!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Art Hoe
You find inspiration in almost everything! You tend to be labeled a hipster or a trendsetter. You like plants, cacti, paint, and calligraphy. You are love art and stand out. You generally wear converse, baggy clothes, and art socks, and just generally love being trendy and artsy.

You are super cool and most likely, popular. You wear sporty clothes and crop tops. You like acrylic nails and fake lashes. You like dusty colors more than bright colors or pastels. Hoodies and sneakers are a staple of your closet, but so are heels and famous brands!

You tend to like edgy, rock style fashion. You like to listen to alternative music. You like dark colors, fishnets, band t-shirts, ripped jeans, and of course, checkered shoes.

Kawaii Pastel
You love, love, love pastel colors and cutesy things! (So do I! ) You might like to wear Japanese text on your clothes, as well as sparkles and holographic accessories. You love cutesy characters and everything kawaii and adorable!

Your ideal aesthetic is the surreal, whimsical vaporwave! (I love this style, too) With neon colors and internet themes, this is a crazy and happy style. Japanese text, video games, and the internet define your style.

You love the styles of bygone days! Luckily, those clothes are coming back in style quickly! You like retro stuff as well as antiques, and you might feel as though you were born in the wrong decade. Bakelite and 50's diners define your style.