What Is Your Dominant Sense?

Do you use your eyes more or your ears?

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You notice small details that others miss and pick up on social cues given by gesture alone. You can read people's body language extremely well and can tell when something isn't right. Nothing gets past your keen eye.

Never underestimate the power of a good listener. You can pick up inflections in people's tones and the way they phrase their sentences, that everyone else misses but which supplies you with a wealth of information. You're great at listening to other people and understanding the subtext of what they're really saying.

You're in tune with the natural world around you and live in a world that others never even notice is there. Smell may be the most overlooked sense, but you cherish it, knowing that it has so much to offer. You are a low-key person who would happily pass a Saturday wandering through a garden of sweet-smelling flowers.

You love the rich and sumptuous tastes that the world has to offer. You live on them and relish them. Anything big, bold, and dramatic is your ideal. You're not the kind of person to do anything by halves and you live life to the very fullest!

You are a hands-on person. You like to get in there and get involved. You enjoy working with your hands and you prefer to take your time, going nice and slow and making sure you do a good job. You're happy to spend hours on a single task, if that's what it will take to do the best job possible.

Sixth Sense
You are deeply intuitive and often know things other people don't. You don't know how you know the things you do, but you are a deeply aware person, often a second step ahead of the events around you. Maybe it's luck, maybe it's coincidence, or maybe it's something more, but whatever it is there is something special and unique about you.