Which Dog Breed Fits Your Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Shetland Sheepdog
You're a natural born leader and it shows in your assertive but practical ways. You're great at coming up with solutions to difficult situations. You're intelligent and knowledgeable and you excel at public speaking. You have a great reputation about you that many people respect and admire.

You're someone who prefers traditions and old-fashioned customs. You're not a big fan in doing things in a modern way because you believe that if it's not broke, there is no point in fixing it. You have clear visions on how things should be and you work hard in order to achieve those things.

Great Dane
You're someone who tends to be pretty quiet and reserved. You usually think before speaking and don't say more than is needed. You depend greatly on others and usually put their needs above your own. You're very empathetic and observant regarding how others feel.

You're a very friendly person who clicks with almost everyone you meet. You have a charm about you that just draws others to you and makes them want to know everything about you. You're a cheery person and are rarely seen in a bad mood.

German Shepherd
You're a practical person who's pretty sensitive to the surroundings around you. You tend to be pretty diligent and will stick with something until you finish it. You're also very intuitive and empathetic to the feelings of others around you.