How Have You Reinvented Yourself?

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You Are Looking Ahead
You have realized that the best things in life require a little planning. Long gone are the days of your flippant youth. You are more goal oriented and determined to make your dreams come true than over before. You have reinvented yourself by learning to look ahead.

You Have Transformed Your Body
You eat healthy and exercise in order to please yourself and not just to fit into a size 2 dress. Your body might have not been your priority in the past but now you recognize it as the vessel for your soul and have decided to treat it accordingly. You have reinvented yourself by transforming your body.

You Have a More Positive Outlook on Life
You have learned the valuable lesson that negative thoughts will only cause a negative outcome. You polished up your rose colored glasses and have vowed to see your life through their lens. Your attitude has had a great impact on those that you love. You have reinvented yourself by having a positive outlook on life.

You Are Broadening Your Horizons
You no longer think of your world as the immediate things that surround you. You have recently had an experience that has awakened your wanderlust and you are excited to explore the world and to see what it has to offer. You have reinvented yourself by broadening your horizons.

You Have Learned to Accept Yourself
You used to care a lot more about what people thought or said about you, but not anymore. Now you have the healthy attitude of making choices that will only please yourself and in so doing have discovered that the people who truly matter to you only want what is in your best interest. You have reinvented yourself by learning to accept yourself.