What Should I Cook For My Boyfriend?

Has your boyfriend mentioned that he is hungry? Now you have to cook for him, but you don't know what to make. Take this quick quiz and we will point you in the right direction!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

It must be a bright and sunny day wherever you are because all answers point to a nice outdoor BBQ for dinner. Crank up the grill, grab some lawn chairs and cold beverages and take advantage of it. Make sure you find out how your guy likes his steak. An overcooked steak could be the end of the relationship.

For some reason, we are thinking that your boyfriend must have some Italian in him. He loves his carbohydrates and pasta dishes. Spaghetti, fettuccini, or even macaroni and cheese would be fine for him. Don't forget the garlic bread.

Homesick is what describes the way your boyfriend is feeling right now. Make him a nice meatloaf that reminds him of his mom's cooking. Mash some potatoes and warm up some veggies to go with it. He's going to know you care with a dinner like that.

Your boyfriend isn't feeling very well. It could be emotionally or physically, but he needs some comfort food delivered and quickly. Get out your best soup recipe and whip something up. He's going to appreciate the thought.

Frozen Pizza.
It sounds like your boyfriend doesn't really care what he eats. He just wants something to put in his belly and fast! A frozen pizza is always a great go-to option, and it's super easy for you too! Twenty minutes or so and dinner is served.

Either your boyfriend isn't really that hungry, or he doesn't deserve you cooking for him. Maybe he's the better cook. You can let him make his own food. You just sit back and stop worrying about it. He's not going to starve.