Women'S Outfit Ideas

Stumped for something to wear? Are you looking for inspiration? You've come to the right place! Answer these questions and we'll give you an outfit idea!

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Chic but comfy
If you want to be pajama or sweats comfy but you want to look instagrammable, try a flannel dress (with pockets, of course) and your favorite pair of leggings. Pair it with ballet flats if you have to go out. You will look adorable but you'll be so comfortable you might be tempted to go back to bed!

Cool casual
If you might need to actually leave the house today but you want to be comfortable, try a boyfriend look. If it's fall or winter, wear an oversized sweater with your favorite jeans or a v-neck tee and a boyfriend cardigan. If it's summer, wear a man's shirt jacket style over a plain tank with jean shorts. Dress either look up with accessories before you go out the door.

Go classic French
Do casual with classic flair. Try a boatneck striped Breton fisherman's tee or a polka dot shirt with casual cotton pants or jeans and a pair of sneakers or ballet flats. Finish it off with a classic matte lipstick in red or pink and either simple or no jewelry. Maybe opt for a jaunty silk scarf at the neck instead.

Classic safari
No, don't think khaki vests with tons of pockets or a pith helmet. We're talking old-school safari inspiration. Here's an example: tan or olive pants or skirt in a nicely draping fabric in a classic cut with a belt paired with either a crisp white shirt or plain black knit shirt that's one step up from a tee. Add a dash of animal print in a subtle accessory like a leopard print watchband, earrings, or bangle. Keep it simple but elegant.

Are you feeling feminine? Or do you want to? Add some romance to your closet. Romantic outfits are coming back so take advantage of it! Try a puffy sleeved or ruffled shirt with a calf-length skirt that drapes and swings. How romantic you go with patterns is up to you!

There are a few ways you could go with this. In summer, get out the gladiator sandals and wear a vest or blazer. In winter, you can pull out the Frye boots (or just about any boots that make you feel like a baddie) and a motorcycle jacket or your fiercest blazer. The accessories will clinch it. Go for sharp lines or points with your earrings or necklace, or wear a cuff (leather OR metal) on your wrist.